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Items 76 - 100 . THE SHIPWRECKED ORPHANS. A TRUE NARRATIVE . (1845). b/w plates. 12mo. 64 pp. In 1834 . like to order. No response means prior sale.

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Famine and Shipwreck, An Irish Odyssey - Doc Zone | CBC-TV
Mar 17, 2011 . In Famine and Shipwreck, an Irish Odyssey, we discover a story that's . Between 1845 and 1850, the potato blight struck Northwest Europe.

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Dec 3, 2007 . Illustrated Catalogue of Old and Rare Books for Sale - in leather . The Rhine it's Banks and Environs - illustrated, H. R. Addison, 1845, B1652 · images and details . Frank Worthy, or The Orphan - juvenile,illustrated, Mrs. Hughes, 1849 . Terry and the Pirates Shipwrecked on a Desert Island - Big Little .

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See a complete list of prints for sale at Delacroix Eugene · Liberty Leading People . Young Orphan in the Cemetery Giclee Print . Soldier of the Moroccan Imperial Guard 1845. Soldier of the . Shipwreck of Don Juan 1840 - Sketch for Peace .

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to engage any article he had for sale, but he stated that the captain had taken . John Brien, Avon, £5, to be sent to Mr. Buchanan, for orphan children ; Sarah .

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Sultan of Morocco, (1845), Musée des Augustins, Toulouse, France . Orphan Girl at the Cemetery, 1823 . At the sale of his work in 1864, 9140 works were attributed to Delacroix, including 853 paintings, . Victoria and Albert Museum. html.

The Lowell Offering
The Lowell Offering, 1840-1845, was written and published by working women. This monthly . P. 13-14: “A Visit from Hope” by H. Allegorical fiction: Hope visits the narrator, an orphan. . A husband and wife cling to life after a shipwreck.

Joseph Mallord William Turner
The painting was repurchased by the Kimbell for $5.7 million at a sale by Christie's in April of 2007. . Turner's Shipwreck is remarkable not only for its stylistic advance, but also for the basically . it was a charitable institution dedicated to the education of the orphans of freemen. . Brunnen from the Lake of Lucerne: 1845 .

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. Fort Smith and the Missions attached thereto 1845-1897: The Baptismal Register July 30, . describes Father Robot's trip to America and his near death from ship wreck. . This paper was the successor to the Orphan's Record and remained the . of 5% on proceeds of sales of Osage trust and diminished reserve lands.

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Formed into a circle in 1845, they were thought to be part of a burial chamber. . 1708 The Bluecoat School for orphan boys founded by prosperous sea-captain Bryan Blundell . The charity, The Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society is formed . A meeting is advertised to consider the sale of the Liverpool, Crosby and .

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-----Resolved: That an auxiliary branch of the Shipwrecked Fishermen and . The fishing trade of the town, as to both capture and sale, is somewhat extensive. . (From October to December 1845 the Newspaper contained many reports and . thirty young orphan girls in the Kilrush Workhouse for emigration to Australia.

Full text of "East Bourne memories of the Victorian period, 1845-1901"
giVU E OF THE firtorian |^ri0i 1845 to 1901. . Shipwreck in 1849. . years, from 1874 till 1881, and wished to bny the property but it was not for sale. . to found on the estate an orphanage for daughters of clergy of the Church of England, .

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Australian National Shipwreck Database- Search Shipwrecks . Australian Periodical Publications 1840-1845 - The Shipping Gazette and Sydney . Books on CDs for sale on Netherlands or Dutch related subjects. . Cyndi's List - Orphans .

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Australia's shipwreck and maritime heritage made by the late, great . processing and sale, and the 20th Century's . 1845 John Cotton of Doogallok Station recorded in his diary . H2057 ST AIDAN'S ORPHANAGE, 190 ST AIDAN'S. ROAD .

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