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Astrology Article: What Day of the WEEK Were You Born?
You probably know the month, date and year you were born, but do you know what day of the week? . Wednesday's child is kind of heart; . Traditional astrological lore seems to suggest that persons born on days of the week "ruled" by a .

(Travelling back in time)

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Burmese Astrology remains very popular in Myanmar and everybody knows their own signs . People here claim that Wednesday morning born are unpatient.

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They make friends easily with people born under any other number, but close friends will probably be fellow number 5s. Wednesday is the luckiest day for the .

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Mar 22, 2011 . Mercury Planet , Horoscope - Informative & researched article on Mercury Planet , Horoscope from Indianetzone, . Mercury`s favourite day: Wednesday . People born with this combination are aggressive in their approach.

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We wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!!! Click on the month under the birthday cake ( Below) to find out out what the stars say about people born on this day.

Leap of faith

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