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France. The German occupying forces built many U-boat pens in the Atlantic ports of France in Bordeaux, Brest, La Rochelle/La Pallice, .

(Travelling back in time) - Boats - Flotillas - Bases - St. Nazaire, France
Later a sluice bunker was also built, which the U-boats used to reach the sea. ( Today you can visit here the French submarine S-637 Espadon.) U-203 on 30 . - Boats - Flotillas - Bases - La Rochelle, France
La Rochelle / La Pallice, France . The U-boat bunker was 195 m wide, 165 m long and 19m high. . U-82 on November 19, 1941 in the bunker La Pallice .

The german U-boat bases in France : 1939 - 1945
Welcome and thank you to have choosen this web site about the U-boat bases of the Second World War in France : Brest, Lorient, St-Nazaire, La Pallice and .

U Boat Pens, St. Nazaire, France. 1939-1945
World War II, U Boat Pens. St. Nazaire, France. Photographed by Mike Booker. The harbour and docks at St. Nazaire as they look today.. ...and during the war .

U-Boat Bunker - Listing of Bunkers during WW2
Describes the evolution of the U-boat bunker from the First World War as protection . However, with the fall of France and the occupation of Norway, new U-boat .

The U-Boats pens in the Bay Of Biscay ports. Built after France ...
Introduction. After the German invasion of France, the fighting soon came to an end as the French sued for peace, and on the 22nd. of June in 1940, an armistice .

The Uboat pens at Lorient and St.Nazaire - YouTube
Sep 5, 2008 . With the fall of France, Donitz moved many of his Uboat bases to the Atlantic coast, building massive concrete pens to house his submarines.

The La Rochelle (La Pallice) U-Boat Bunkers, France |
Jul 31, 2010 . So I'll start with something easy, a recent adventure to the La Rochelle (La Pallice ) German U-boat bunkers in France. U-boat pens la Rochelle .

Enter the wolf pack - Exploring the La Pallice U-boat pens ...
U-Boat pens, La Pallice, France (2010) courtesy of adventuretwo. It's not exactly hard to find on satellite images, or indeed on the ground. Put simply, it's massive .

Leap of faith

Google Earth Hacks - WWII U-Boat Bunker, Brest, France
Aug 5, 2005 . Google Earth Hacks - WWII U-Boat Bunker, Brest, France.,-Brest,-France.htm

Bordeaux u-boat bunker
Bordeaux U-boat Pens. Following the collapse and capitulation of France in June 1940, the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) moved swiftly to establish a chain of .

Wolves 2
By September 1941 - the U-boat bunker bases now fully operational - 25% of all . U-boat base visit neared its end, I asked the guide - the curator of the French .

U-boat base Lorient
. blockhouse pens - an old French submarine, the Flore, (Daphné class, 890 tons, built 1958-67 (see link for details) - similar in size to the Class VII U-boats) is .

Overview of GERMAN U-BOAT BASES AND BUNKERS 1941 - 1945
German U-Boat fleet under the command of Konteradmiral Karl . juggernaut invaded Norway, France and the. Low Countries . Construction of U-Boat Pens .

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