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Effects of tobacco on oral tissue...graphic, shocking, pictures
Smokeless "Spit" tobacco contains over 2000 chemicals, many of which have been directly related to causing cancer. Here are a few photos of mouth problems .

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Photos of the effects of smokeless tobacco - my cancer story
Learn how dipping tabacco caused my oral cancer, see photos of my cancer operation. . My father chews tobacco and did back then. But chew never interested .

Tobacco and Oral Cancer
Jan 24, 2010 . Oral Leukoplakia in the Gingival Buccal Sulcus From Chewing Tobacco The picture on the right is from a 22 year old male who has used over 1 .

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Contrary to popular belief, smokeless tobacco is not a major health hazard. . [3.1 ] Doesn't smokeless tobacco cause oral cancer (cancer of the mouth)? . and posted gory pictures on the web, would that be evidence that the novels caused .

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Cancer Pictures. Smokeless tobacco, dip, snuff and chew are dangerous. Not only do they cause bad breath & sore throats they are incredibly disgusting. If you .

Smokeless Tobacco
If you're ready to quit or you want to learn more about smokeless tobacco, read . All you do is slosh it around your mouth and spit out the brown juices every few . cards over the years pictured him with a cheek bulging with chewing tobacco.

Oral Cancer Photo Gallery
Oral Cancer Pictures - Mouth and Throat Cancer. Cigars, pipe and smokeless tobacco all carry the risk of oral cancer. These forms of tobacco can cause mouth .

Periodontal Disease Cancer Pictures Photos Mouth Cancer
Smokeless tobacco and smoke from cigarettes, pipes and cigars creates an . These image galleries contain photos of oral cancer, periodontal disease, tongue .

Chewing Tobacco Pictures - Picture Effects of Chewing Tobacco.
These harmful effects clearly appear to be concentrated in the mouth as shown in these chewing tobacco pictures because chewing tobacco is orally .

Health Tip: Chewing Tobacco Harms Oral Health - MedicineNet
Chewing tobacco contains at least 28 toxins that are known to cause cancer, the American . View Cosmetic Dentistry: Before and After Slideshow Pictures .

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spit tobacco, quit tobacco, stop smokeless, quit smokeless tobacco,quit . This gallery contains images of various oral diseases resulting from tobacco use. Enjoy .

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Chewing tobacco has been known to cause cancer, particularly of the mouth and . He was an avid tobacco chewer; even his baseball cards pictured him with a .

Chewing Tobacco Addiction
While many people assume chewing tobacco is a thing of the past, or only done . Showing them pictures of mouth cancer victims can really help drive the point .

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Top questions and answers about Mouth Cancer Smokeless Tobacco. Find 123 questions and answers about Mouth Cancer Smokeless Tobacco at .

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Information on Quitting Smokeless Tobacco. . Image Gallery (categories) . 50% greater risk of getting mouth cancer if you use smokeless tobacco, compared to .

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