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The Wall of Light - Nikola Tesla And The Venusian Space Ship ...
Arthur Matthews lived in Canada and Tesla spent much time with him and asked . power from the cellar of his home on St. Joavhim Street to the Cove Fields.

(Travelling back in time)

In 1899, Nikola Tesla, with the aid of his financial backer, J.P. Morgan, set up at . of Tesla's interplanetary communications came from Arthur Mathews who . with Tesla's scientific papers and was allowed to take batches of them home to his .

The wall of light: Nikola Tesla and the Venusian space ship, the X-12
Nikola Tesla & the Venusian Space Ship the X-12; it Happened in Quebec; the Life of Nikola Tesla . Go to Google Books Home . Arthur Hugh Matthews .

Doug Yurchey - 11 questions about Tesla - Unexplained Mysteries
Jun 11, 2007 . What exactly does the Tesla Coil do and is it really found in most of our . I was pen pals with Arthur Matthews; he was in his nineties and has now passed . Judy and her team investigate a haunting at a home in California. ~ Venus Tesla Connection ~ Arthur H. Matthews
Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page .Secret of Lightning . Dr. George A. Freibott IV... knew and worked with Arthur H. Matthews starts podcast. ~ Arthur H. Matthews... The Wall of Light... The Tesla ...
Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page .Secret of . Letter to : Arthur H. Matthews... learned of Tesla Coil and found Return of the Dove... June 22 .

Even though Nikola Tesla's invention of wireless electricity in 1899 was . of the Sahara Desert and is the home of prehistoric murals painted in mountain caves. . In a correspondence, Arthur Matthews reveals how Tesla himself dismantled .

Arthur Mathews - Tesla's Last Assistant 1-3 - YouTube
Aug 17, 2011 . Arthur Mathews - Tesla's Last Assistant 2-3by NikolaTesla90225 views . Resonance and his Underground Home-2007 Tesla Technology .

Arthur Mathews - Tesla's Last Assistant 3/3 - YouTube
Aug 20, 2011 . Arthur Mathews - Tesla's Last Assistant 1-3by NikolaTesla90419 views; Thumbnail 4:17. Add to. Meg Energy Home Generator - Zero Energy .

Teslascope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Matthews, who had apprenticed under Tesla at the turn of 20th the century and . This was supposedly told to him by "Venusians" who he said had visited him at his home in Lac Beauport, Quebec, Canada. . Matthews, Arthur H. (1971).

Leap of faith

Canadian Wireless Transmission Demonstration | Tesla FAQ No. 51 ...
According to Arthur Mathews, Tesla demonstrated the wireless transmission of electrical energy around the early 1930s. The transmitter was assembled in early .

World Mysteries - Nikola Tesla Tribute, by Doug Yourchey
Tesla Tribute. by Doug Yurchey. I encourage each reader to study Tesla. Look him up on the Internet; read the books, but keep in mind Arthur Matthews' words .

Nikola Tesla Books by Author Arthur H. Matthews
Tesla Books. Exclaimation! Now viewing books limited to author or editor “Arthur H. Matthews.” . All Rights Reserved. Tesla Universe - Click To Return Home .

PowerPedia:Teslascope -- Extraterrestrial Radio Transmitter - PESWiki
Apr 20, 2011 . The Teslascope was a radio transmitter designed by Serbian scientist Nikola . "[ Arthur Matthews] came from England. . PESWiki home page .

Tesla, Hodowanec, et al.: Communication with Mars
About 40 years later, Arthur Matthews claimed that Tesla had secretly developed the "Teslascope" for the purpose of communicating with Mars. Dr. Andrija .

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