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Amazon.com: RCA RD2010 128MB Lyra Flash MP3 Player with FM ...
128 MB holds up to 4 hours WMA or 2 hours MP3 music--weighs just 1.4 ounces; FM tuner with recording capability; Expand via Secure Digital and MultiMedia .

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Amazon.com: RCA Lyra RD1028 128 MB Personal MP3 Player ...
RCA LYRA Personal mp3 Player with 128MB built in flash memory with external memory slot for SD / MultiMedia Card expandability, Upgradable Firmware, .

Amazon.com: RCA Lyra RD1080 128 MB MP3 Player: MP3 Players ...
Technical Details. 128 MB of upgradeable flash memory; expandable via Multimedia cards; USB connection for fast downloads; Digital FM tuner with 10 presets .

Players Mp3: 128mb Lyra Mp3 Player Rca
Mar 25, 2012 . So, what is the 128mb lyra mp3 player rca. From the lyra mp3 player rca rd1021 a wide variety of MP3 players. From the 128mb lyra mp3 player .

Amazon.com: RCA Lyra 128 MB MP3 Player: MP3 Players ...
Sep 24, 2007 . Product Description. The RCA RD-1071 Lyra MP3 player is small in design but massive in performance. With 128MB of built-in memory plus an .

RCA RD1028 review - Lyra MP3 Players
Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: RCA Lyra RD1028 128 MB Personal MP3 Player. www.amazon.com. "It is good for that but a little expensive for a 128mb .

RCA RD1070 review - Lyra MP3 Players
Published Oct 23, 2002. RCA Lyra RD1070 - MP3 players - CNET Archive. reviews.cnet.com. Inexpensive; 128MB of built-in memory; expansion slot for adding .

RCA Lyra RD1080 128MB MP3 Player - BayReviews
Sep 27, 2005 . I purchased this RCA Lyra RD1080 128MB MP3 player before I bought my iPod because I wanted to see if getting rid of my CD's would be .

How do I download songs onto an RCA Lyra MP3 player? :: Online ...
We use the RCA Lyra RD1028A for my 6 yr old son's MP3 player. He loves it! We added a 128Mb card and he now has 256Mb of space for around 75 songs .

Pedal Pushers Online | The RCA Lyra 128mb MP3 music player ...
OK, I have to be brutally frank here, I did not come by the RCA Lyra that I have honestly. Which is to say that I did not actually pay money for it. It was a re-gift!

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Rca Lyra Mp3 Player - Alibaba.com
Brand new rca rd-1080 lyra mp3 digital audio player with integrated fm tuner. Pc and/or mac ok.128mb of internal memory. Plays up to 4 hours of music. Includes .

Rca MP3 Players - Compare Prices on RCA TH1814 4 GB Flash ...
We have gathered pricing info for MP3 Players, such as RCA TH1814 4 GB . Find MP3 Players at low prices, now. . RCA RD1080 Lyra 128MB MP3 Player .

RCA RS2052 5-CD Compact Bookshelf System. Best Buy on Sale ...
RCA RS2052 5-CD Compact Bookshelf System features Rip & Go Technology, Neo-5 CD Changer System, Docking 128MB RCA Lyra mp3 Player, 160 Watts .

RCA Lyra MP3 Player - Buy Players - RD 2780 - RD2780 - RD1071 ...
RCA Lyra MP3 Players - buy Lyra RD 1071 (RD1071), RD 1080 (RD1080), RD . amongst the Lyra line is the RD 1080 which holds 128MB of flash memory.

RCA Lyra RD1070 - MP3 players - CNET Archive
Oct 23, 2002 . After the oversized debacle that was the original Lyra MP3 player, RCA has been creating more attractive, inexpensive units that are targeted .

MP3 Players Review - RCA Lyra RD1080 128 mb MP3 Player
Compare and Buy RCA Lyra Mp3 Players. . RCA has packed this chic Lyra™ player with 128MB of memory and a digital FM tuner. If over two hours of audio .

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